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Our Car Washing Options

Regular Exterior Wash 

Experience the first step towards a spotless car with our automatic car wash service, followed by a gentle towel dry. This service will leave your vehicle looking clean and shiny. 

Super Exterior Wash 

Take your car wash to the next level. Our Super Exterior Wash includes all the basic wash and dry benefits, along with a thorough polish, sealer wax, wheel cleaning, and tire shining service. Prepare to turn heads wherever you go. 

The Wash

The Wash includes everything in our previous washes, plus interior vacuuming, window cleaning, dusting, rubber mat washing, and the perfect finishing touch

The Works

This comprehensive package encompasses all the features of our previous washes, as well as polish and sealer washes, an undercarriage wash for complete body protection, wheel cleaning, and a lustrous Tire Brite™ shine. Get ready to drive a car that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. 

The Super Wash

For those who want the best, look no further than our Super Wash. Enjoy all the above options, plus an undercarriage rust inhibitor and a dash dressing that will give your car’s interior a fresh, rejuvenated look. 

The Ultimate Wash 

Experience the pinnacle of car wash perfection with our Ultimate Wash. This exclusive offering includes all the features of our previous options, including a protective scented interior cream to keep your car smelling fresh and a trim dressing to enhance the appearance of your vehicle’s exterior. 

Comprehensive Car Wash Services in Reno, NV

Buggy Bath Car Wash offers various car wash services in Reno, NV, to ensure your car looks its absolute best. Our team is committed to providing exceptional auto cleaning services, leaving your vehicle spotless and protected. 

Hand Wash Price List

Protect Your Vehicle with Winter Washes

Winter can be harsh on your car, with salt and sand causing potential damage and corrosion. Ensure your vehicle’s protection by availing yourself of our Winter Wash service. We recommend monthly washes during winter, followed by one additional wash at the end of the season. Let us shield your car from the elements all year round. 

Vehicle Detailing, Car Polishing, and More

Buggy Bath Car Wash offers additional services to keep your car in top condition. Our skilled professionals are here to meet your car detailing, car washing, car waxing, drive-through car wash, hand washing, and car polishing needs. Trust us to provide exceptional customer service along with outstanding results. 

Open Daily, Weather Permitting

We understand your need for a convenient car wash experience. That is why we are open daily from Monday through Sunday, weather permitting. Please note that we prioritize the safety of our customers and staff during inclement weather, and as such, we may be closed during rain or snow. 

Choose Buggy Bath Car Wash for all your car cleaning and detailing services in Reno, Nevada. Our exceptional services ensure that your car shines both inside and out. Contact us now to schedule your next car wash appointment. 

Hand Washing and Waxing

  • Thorough Cleaning for the Extra Mile: We offer hand washing and waxing services for those seeking a more comprehensive cleaning experience that ensures every inch of your vehicle receives meticulous attention. 
  • Ideal for Specialty Vehicles: Vehicles with ski or luggage racks, or those too large to fit in our automatic washer, are expertly hand-washed to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning.